If you placed an order you can see what the shipping and handling costs are.

You can pay by creditcard and Paypal. As soon as we receive the amount we'll send the products to you and we send you an shipping confirmation.

All prices are listed in U.S. dollars. If you order a price by clicking on the "Order now" button, you can choose in what currency you would like to pay. For example you can pay in US and Canadian dollars, euros, British pounds, Yen and so on. If you choose to pay by another currency your bank will automatically convert to your home currency based on today's exchange rates.

We try to ship as cheap as possible. Dutch PostNL is the cheapest one. For US citizen this means that the goods are carried our by US Postal. If you prefer another shipping method like DHL, UPS etc. please let us know.

Sending by Mail Priority mail (business days)
United States, Canada 8 - 10
Australia 6 - 8
Brasil 6 - 9
Canada 5 - 6
Hongkong 5 - 7
Israel, Nippon, Singapore 4 - 5
Suriname 5 - 8
South Africa 8 -10

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Liabilty will sent the good very carefully. If you have any remarks about the sending you received, please contact us.